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Arrogant,arrogant Verneuil,paris,mobilier vintage,vintage,Ibiza,los enamorados

To madness!

Since yesterday, the whole world has been mourning and paying tribute to Iris Apfel, this fabulous woman who dared to be herself. Life’s timings are strange. Because this week, I was just thinking that I’d had enough of the status quo imposed on us by brands and trends. We don’t dare anymore. Everyone often finds themselves in the same lukewarm, flavorless basket, mostly promoted by influencers bribed with vouchers and affiliate links.

At the same time, on the same day, at the same time, everyone is praising this pretty French brand, which is currently serenading us with its Italian serenade. It’s a lovely serenade set against a backdrop of skillfully oiled marketing, but what about the products? Nothing. Déjà vu, cul-cul la praline, copied and pasted from more cutting-edge brands (we’re talking about their copy of Carel sling backs, which influencers are raving about?!) … and this other pretty French cashmere brand playing surf roots (it’s so trendy darling!) with a shoot in Imsouane, shamelessly copying far more talented designers (a La Méricaine cape here, a Rose Carmine knit coat there, some pretty marketing and I’m off to wrap you up, ladies!)

Arrogant,arrogant Verneuil,paris,mobilier vintage,vintage,Ibiza,los enamorados

Far be it from me to sound bitter! No, I was just thinking that I was fed up with being uninspired. And yet inspiration is my lifeblood, a bit like being deprived of the air to breathe. I felt like I was in a panic. To the point of wanting to push the cursor to the extreme. No more status quo, no more mawkish, no more sheep. I wanted something daring, maximalist as I like it, but also minimalist, but very minimalist, even stripped down. Like a blank page on which to write another beautiful story.

The law of attraction, you ask? I don’t know, but it’s with this in mind that I’ve made some wonderful discoveries this week.

Saint Laurent babylone,Yves saint-Laurent,paris,rue de grenelle,librairie,galerie,expos,dédicaces,serge Gainsbourg,maison gainsbourg

Matter and Shape

First of all, a very, very minimalist inspi, just as I wanted to move forward again. Like a big reset. It’s the Matter and Shape show, which runs until tomorrow in the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris. A new trade show dedicated to interior design, it brings together some of the most cutting-edge designers and gallery owners on the planet. It’s daring, it’s extreme, but it’s alive! I bumped into Jefferson Hack right at the opening, which is no mean feat, and I knew I’d come to the right place! Had I bumped into Kelly Wearstler at the next booth, I couldn’t have been more surprised. The audience was already packed with trendy Asians and Italians, and it was clear that something was going on. Even if it’s something I don’t really understand, minimalism and I, as you well know, not being the big crush. But I was reassured to see that surprising things were still happening. Reassured, it was about time I found worlds more in tune with my style!

Saint Laurent Babylone

In keeping with my minimalist approach, I felt at home in the new Saint Laurent bookshop on Rue de Grenelle. The decor is magnificent, combining raw concrete, sumptuous marble and decrepit walls. Again, I wouldn’t live in such a setting, but the proposal has a strong personality and that’s good. On the morning of my visit, a Serge Gainsbourg exhibition opened in collaboration with the nearby Maison Gainsbourg. The day before, Juergen Teller and Linda Evangelista were there to sign their respective books. A new arty place with no fashion items for sale, but plenty of inspiration to spare.

Saint Laurent babylone,Yves saint-Laurent,paris,rue de grenelle,librairie,galerie,expos,dédicaces,serge Gainsbourg,maison gainsbourg

Arrogant Verneuil

My ultimate crush! I had timidly heard about this new Parisian place, a hybrid proposition between boutique and gallery open by appointment. For several years now, I’ve been a big fan of the world of these designers, known for their hotel in Ibiza, the Los Enamorados.

I was not disappointed, and my cursor, which was craving extremes, was spoiled!

Arrogant,arrogant Verneuil,paris,mobilier vintage,vintage,Ibiza,los enamorados

For the record, I really invite you to follow the link to my website to discover the photos of the place. They’ll speak a thousand times better than I can about this crazy place. Because in addition to being a gallery where everything is for sale, the place is also the owners’ Parisian pied-à-terre. What better way to project yourself into the bohemian chic atmosphere orchestrated by Arrogant. A place that furiously echoes the latest Chloé fashion show and the boho seventies revival. A daring proposal that I’m convinced Iris Apfel wouldn’t have disowned!

Coffee and flowers!

A change of scenery and atmosphere as we discover decorator Cordelia de Castellane’s new baby. A coffee shop on Rue du Bac, still in the capital’s 7th arrondissement, which doubles up as a florist, allowing you to plunge into the refined, flowery world of the artistic creator of Dior decor. Here, you’ll enjoy lattes, tea time and scones, as you remake the world from the comfort of a flowery chintz banquette. A pose like an express trip to the countryside, whether chic French or cute English!

Since 73′

Finally, for someone who complains of a lack of inspiration, I’m not doing too badly this week! Back to the beach for this latest crush with Billabong’s new capsule collection celebrating its 80’s revival.

Crush on the colors, crush on the shapes, cruuuuuussssshhhh on the photos by the talented Marina Lons. I want (almost) everything!

billabong,billabong womens europe,billabong womens,SS24,collectio capsule,années 80,80’s,surfwear,surfer girl,beach girl,fashion,mode

Because I also want sunshine, warmth, dreams, joie de vivre and, above all, I don’t want any more sheep spoiling my fun and incensing the fake. I want diversity, personality, fashion faux-pas, I want to see people daring again, being creative, singular and alive!

Just like Iris Apfel taught us all those years of daring.

Thank you, Iris, for pushing the envelope so well 💛.